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Support for Greening Deserts with Sustainable Irrigation

The idea of greener deserts with reusable materials may have crossed the mind of some people. Greening Deserts with Sustainable Irrigation start from now.

June 25, 2016 – It’s difficult not to think about what earth will become in the next years, next centuries or rather next millennia. When everything within nature slowly changes, it becomes even harder not to think about what tomorrow will become. Nature is damaged, and it happens due to ignorance of humans. Some people believe that it’s not too late to try to save the Mother Earth, and they are proposing Greening Deserts as one of the possible solutions.


This is an attempt to make the dessert greener and eventually bring back the topsoil for more fertile land. Desserts are vast, and it won’t be easy to bring greeneries there. The primary problem lies in water, and it can be solved by building sustainable irrigation by using the renewable energy. According to Oliver Caplikas, it’s possible to use filtered water from the ocean shared through a system underground and overground. The clean water sharing system will use pipelines constructed with bamboos to reach the dry areas in remote places.

While the water transported through bamboo pipes, the desert surface will have desert plants to start producing topsoil. The primary goal of this project is bringing back the fertile topsoil to the wilderness. With the return of the topsoil, other plants can start to grow. With this result planned to achieve, desert greening begins to be seen as a promising thing. The project can start in countries with a portion of drylands such as Algeria, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and other countries notable for their deserts or dry lands.


This project can be an excellent solution to this planet’s climate change, but it takes more than plans to start the project. It adopts an extensive network of people to work together in trying to stop the global warming due to more intensive natural greenhouse gas effects brought by humanity to the world. As Oliver Caplikas said, supports the project in any form welcomed. Investor, partner or sponsor will be greatly appreciated to change for the better world. For more information please visit

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