The latest online marketplace, India Money Mart, is set to launch its unique peer-to-peer lending platform in India. Bringing in both lenders and borrowers and enabling secure transactions.

Mumbai, August 22th, 2017: The first Peer to Peer lending platform in India, India Money Mart, is set to launch its incredibly secure online lending marketplace. Although it cannot be considered as a financial institution, India Money Mart offers a greater alternative with a myriad of benefits for both the lenders and borrowers. Aiming to bring the fastest growing form of loan to the public at large, Fair Vinimay Services Pvt. Ltd. as its parent company challenges financial institutions in the country to provide public with lending options for both business and personal categories. In terms of competition, the online marketplace may be ahead of many conventional financial institutions in both investment and transaction due to its unique system.

With its transparent, investors, secure platform and transparent low-margin model, the online marketplace allows both investors and borrowers the ability to do transaction between two parties on their own specific terms. This unique P2P lending marketplace in India also offers various benefits for both parties. Quick processing, with less complicated documentation and guarantee of instant approval is without a doubt on top of the list. Not only that, India Money Mart also offers low interest rates with incredibly easy repayment terms along with the guarantee of no hidden fees. With lending option as low as Rs 10,000 to a single personal borrower, borrowers have the capability to get financial assistance without hassle associated with traditional financial institutions. Investors or lenders are also offered with benefits such as transparent and detailed underwriting, lucrative returns with monthly distribution, varied lending opportunities, as well as loan fractionalization and highest safety measures.

About Fair Vinimay Services Pvt. Ltd.

The parent limited private company to initiate India Money Mart is consisted of passionate and highly experienced professionals with countless years of experiences in the financial services industry. With their extensive knowledge, the men behind the company banded together to build India Money Mart, the first trusted peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Their ability to offer hassle-free process for both investors and borrowers, while at the same time ensuring the security and providing the best benefits for both categories is undoubtedly the primary reason why its footprint in the industry increases rapidly and the marketplace quickly becomes the best and most reliable platform to get financial assistance both in personal and business categories.

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